Portfolio Entry 2

For evalutation of an educational software, the  game I have chosen with my team member is ‘Elmo’s First day of School’This software is designed with preschoolers in mind and with the help of Sesame Streets’ friendly character Elmo,  the world of ‘school life’ which could be a bit of an overwhelming thought for some young individuals, makes it a fun experience and gives a simple demonstration of what a child might anticipate.  

The reason for choosing this software is that pbs kids has been a proud supporter of the education of the masses and it is this company that has created this software. Also, clearing doubts in the minds of little ones and making every experience fun benefits a child by making  a positive image in their tender minds.

The software is easy to access through the pbs website, however there are some limitations, the overwhelming images around the main screen of the game might distract a user’s focus.  The navigation is easy but since the colors used in the game are as bright as the navigation arrow, the user might have trouble looking for the arrow while Elmo is prompting him/her to click the arrow. Overall, a great tool for educators to make this transition from preschool to school going easy and a fun exercise with the kids.

Below is our screencast,


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