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Queen of Green

Hello and welcome to my blog. Hi, my name is Uzma.

 ‘Has Nature Saved You’ byLindsay  Coulter also known as ‘Queen of Green’. is a blog I came across and it really spoke to me about what an impact nature has on our learning capabilities. the link for the blog is here .

The  blog was about how stepping into nature can alleviate cognitive skills and release stress. 

To me it feels that yes, Technology is a major contributor to our learning but it is not the only contributor. Technology has been around for so many years but nature has been around for ever and we all are part of this wonderful environment which provides us with numerous oppertunities for hands on  exploration, beautiful scenery, sensory experiences and so on………


  This article is valueable to me as an educator because an educator’s goal is to provide the best      setting for optimal learning experiences and having an abundance of beautiful greenery around us makes me want to take some portions of the class room into nature with trees  and grass and swings.