Portfolio Entry 3

‘Goodstart Early Learning’ ‘Life, Love, Learning ‘                                                                        

The first thing I noticed about this particular website was the choice of the main page colors and the inclusion of nature on the forefront. I had not looked at where the centre was based, however, when I saw the word ‘nappies’, I was like ‘hey, where am I’.  Lo, Behold! This is an Aussie based daycare centre!

The choice of colors by the website comprise of both primary and secondary, maintaining an intricate subdued balance. The overall look is both informative and simple.  The other thing I noticed was that the main page was not filled with literature, but rather plain language  filled with key details  which encouraged me to read what ‘good start early learning’, wanted to say.

The website highlights on the ‘Best Practise’. This is a term and tool  that helps elevate the standard of any given daycare which includes having a high value for the  employees’ professional development, meeting the requirements of the Ministry and working towards help and providing services to the most important partner, the parents who are looking for a safe haven for their loved ones during their absence. The website clearly defines its philosophy and purpose

We’re for children, not for profit

Children are born ready to learn

Children who start ahead stay ahead

The website uses both horizontal and vertical navigation bars. The horizontal bar also has the drop down feature which can provide a lot of information without losing sight of what else there is that the entire website is showcasing.  It also has a search bar next to the log in window. The images of children (of different backgrounds) shows a general acceptance of all. Also, contact no. and options for feedback are available for the searcher.

Over all, a wonderful website, simple and informative, if I was looking for a daycare for my child and had come across this website, I would feel confident about finding out from the comfort of my home a lot of key information. You can follow this link to visit the ‘Goodstart Early Learning Centre’.


Portfolio Entry 2

For evalutation of an educational software, the  game I have chosen with my team member is ‘Elmo’s First day of School’This software is designed with preschoolers in mind and with the help of Sesame Streets’ friendly character Elmo,  the world of ‘school life’ which could be a bit of an overwhelming thought for some young individuals, makes it a fun experience and gives a simple demonstration of what a child might anticipate.  

The reason for choosing this software is that pbs kids has been a proud supporter of the education of the masses and it is this company that has created this software. Also, clearing doubts in the minds of little ones and making every experience fun benefits a child by making  a positive image in their tender minds.

The software is easy to access through the pbs website, however there are some limitations, the overwhelming images around the main screen of the game might distract a user’s focus.  The navigation is easy but since the colors used in the game are as bright as the navigation arrow, the user might have trouble looking for the arrow while Elmo is prompting him/her to click the arrow. Overall, a great tool for educators to make this transition from preschool to school going easy and a fun exercise with the kids.

Below is our screencast,

Queen of Green

Hello and welcome to my blog. Hi, my name is Uzma.

 ‘Has Nature Saved You’ byLindsay  Coulter also known as ‘Queen of Green’. is a blog I came across and it really spoke to me about what an impact nature has on our learning capabilities. the link for the blog is here .

The  blog was about how stepping into nature can alleviate cognitive skills and release stress. 

To me it feels that yes, Technology is a major contributor to our learning but it is not the only contributor. Technology has been around for so many years but nature has been around for ever and we all are part of this wonderful environment which provides us with numerous oppertunities for hands on  exploration, beautiful scenery, sensory experiences and so on………


  This article is valueable to me as an educator because an educator’s goal is to provide the best      setting for optimal learning experiences and having an abundance of beautiful greenery around us makes me want to take some portions of the class room into nature with trees  and grass and swings.